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Fysio.Center Physiotherapy Amsterdam

Your physiotherapist in Amsterdam with locations in Amsterdam east and Amsterdam west.

The practice specializes in treating physical complaints. Through to the functioning of the whole body, we look for the underlying cause of the complaint.

The body functions through a complicated interaction of muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. A failure in this collaboration results in a change in the movement pattern. A change in the movement pattern can result in complaints.

By tackling the primary failure, complaints will not only disappear but will also stay away.


After completing Osteopath training, the practice has been converted into Osteo.Center. Osteopathy is a 6-year specialization on top of physiotherapy that looks at the entire body. The treatments will be declared under osteopathy from 2020. The practice will continue under the name Osteo.Center.


Fysio.Center East

Fysio.Center West