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About Fysio.Center


Fysio.Center physiotherapy is a practice with locations in Amsterdam east and Amsterdam west that specializes in the treatment of complex and recurring injuries and complaints.


Movements in the body are complicated collaborations between joints and muscles. When this cooperation is disturbed, the body will compensate to continue functioning.


Compensations have a limit and will show complaints when this is reached. Complaints will therefore only stay away when the cause of the disruption is addressed.


Disorders in the body for which we compensate are caused by falls, old injuries, accidents, operations, infections, overtraining, childbirth, etc.


The body can function well for a long time despite a disorder and only years later cause symptoms due to changes in physical load.


Biomechanics of the body

The body is amazing at compensating. This is important because this way you can continue to function with a disturbance in the body. For example, a hip can compensate for a extension problem in the knee by overextending itself. Compensations have a limit and will then become overloaded. For example, the hip may become overloaded by the knee that does not extend well. Disturbances in the body that we have to compensate for are due to old injuries, operations, infections, accidents, etc. that occurred even years ago and elsewhere in the body.

Find the disturbance

The first consultation aims to find the cause by which the body must compensate and eventually show symptoms. This is done through an extensive physiotherapy intake and examination that looks at your history of the entire body. Think of all your old injuries, operations, infections, accidents, fractures, sprains, childbirth, computer work, etc. From the second consultation onwards, the treatments consist of treating the cause to resolve the complaints and prevent them from recurring.

Fysio.Center physiotherapy sees the body as a concatenation of muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and blood vessels that together perform a function as a whole. If there is a malfunction in this concatenation, the rest of the chain will have to deal with this. Because of this we will examine the entire body, whether it is an ankle or shoulder complaint, looking for the core of the malfunction.

Fysio.Center helps you with the following complaints, among others


Sports injuries

Ankle, knee and hip complaints


Wrist and elbow complaints

Lasting complaints after concussion

Pelvic floor problem

RSI (tennis elbow, golf elbow)

Post-traumatic complaints

Tingling sensation of limbs

Shoulder, neck and back complaints

Lasting complaints after surgery


Muscle and joint complaints

Headache (tension headache, migraine)

Radiating pain

Prevention of sports injuries

Plantar fasciitis

Foot complaints

Complaints after pregnancy

Runner's knee (TIF-syndrome)

Shoulder impingement


Fysio.Center East

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