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During the summer of 2014 I come to Bram, by chance I met him at an international athletics competition. Back then I had been walking for 6 to 7 weeks with a groin injury that I just couldn't get rid of. Before the competition, Bram treated me by looking at the whole body, which I really like, so that you also know exactly where the complaint is coming from and can be resolved in the future. Bram soon discovered that my abdominal muscles were not working properly and that there were some other kinks in the chain of my body. Then I could finally run my race pain-free again.


Bram then treated me regularly and, partly due to his secure care, I managed to qualify for the European Athletics Championship in a short time that same summer despite my serious injury. It is a very friendly and attentive therapist and what is important to me personally is that he also listens to my side of the story, giving me the idea that I am being taken very seriously and that everything is being done that I am as healthy as possible leaves the practice again!

Heptathlete / Olympian

Ingmar Vos