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My interest in handling complaints arose during the period that I played rugby. Rugby was my passion. I played in junior orange, became national champion in youth and played in the honorary class for a number of years. Unfortunately, I often got injured, so I could be found at the physiotherapist regularly.



After completing my physiotherapy study (2009) I started working in practice. I am interested in the development of complaints. I am particularly interested in the complaints that apparently arise from nothing and the complaints that keep coming back. How is it possible that a complaint arises without a clear cause? And what is the reason that a complaint keeps coming back?



In the summer of 2011 I started the osteopathy specialization, which takes six years. Osteopathy is a specialty that focuses on treating the entire body. When there is a malfunction somewhere in the body, the rest of the body must compensate for this to be resolved.

Bram Hulsbos


Fysiotherapist & Osteopath D.O.

Complaints arise when the body is no longer able to compensate for disturbance in the body.


The body can function well for a long time despite a disturbance and only years later cause symptoms as a result of the physical load changing. As a result, the change in load appears to be the problem, while the complaints arise from an underlying problem.


Disturbance in the body due to which we have to compensate are due to old injuries, operations, infections, accidents, etc. Everyone has a different history due to falls, old injuries, accidents, operations, infections, overtraining, childbirth, etc. so that no body has the same disorders has. A personal approach is therefore also essential for a successful recovery


At Fysio.Center not only the painful area is looked at, but the core of the problem is looked for. Only by resolving the core will complaints not only be resolved but also stay away.